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What Should A Professional Writer Resume Cost?


Today’s diversity on a resume writing market is overwhelming. You can find services offering to get your resume done from $40 to over $1000. What are the reasons for such a spread in pricing policies? How to find a cost-effective solution? Today’s entry will throw you some light on this matter. What will the price depend on? Basically, the charge for resume services varies depending on the below factors: Career level (graduate, professional, mid-level manager, executive) Continue reading

Professional Writer Resume: 6Secrets of Successful IT resume


IT sphere is booming these days as any other. The competition is high; however, the growing number of positions raises your chances for a well-paid employment. It doesn’t mean that you can be less responsible about your resume, though. An up-to-date resume written considering IT specifics can make you a more in-demand candidate. Industry Specific Tips from Professional Resume Writers Every resume requires industry-specific approach. In other words, you need to apply industry resume Continue reading

Can a Resume From Cheap Resume Writing Service Pass ATS?


Previously, we have talked that the quality of resume bought from the online company doesn’t has to depend on the price directly. Obviously, on having heard that, many people will prefer to stay on cheap resume writing services and save money. However, there’s another challenge for job seekers called ATS. When you send your resume in response to a job opening, it’s being scanned by applicant tracking machine (ATS) to compare your qualifications versus job description. And Continue reading

Resume Consultant: How To Sell Your Consulting Skills


A consultant is the person who works as an independent contractor or for a consulting firm and provides advice and guidance to individuals and businesses. If you’ve made up your mind to go into this line of work, you might need to adjust your resume accordingly.  Consulting market is booming, as more and more businesses seek professional advice to meet organizational goals, resolve business problems and identify business opportunities. As a management, finance, human resource, Continue reading

7 Steps to Job Search Success from Top Resume Services


Searching for a job is involving and lengthy process. You literally have to reconsider all your experience and achievements, skills and personal traits to make sure your application is a success. However, utilizing a developed strategy and making proactive moves will help you to land the job. Let’s consider a job search like an investment of your time and efforts: the more responsible you treat the process, the higher are the odds that you’ll land a “dream job” faster. Continue reading

Your Ultimate Guide Through Resume Services


The fierce competition between resume companies was supposed to displace the low-quality and dishonest services. However, among the businesses operating digitally, it became even harder to find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re going to assist you in finding the right professional resume writing services. The truth is neither the price nor the years of experience of the writer serve as a criterion that your resume will be a success. Our writers deal with clients who had poorly Continue reading

A Killer Resume: 10 Tips for Resume Editing


Creating memorable yet effective resume is incredibly tough. You need to submit a document which would be good for both software and people reading it. There are only two resume types: the flawless and the bad one. Why? Depending on the goals and preferences of the employer, one minor mistake can automatically disqualify you as a candidate. In this regards, a poorly written resume works against you more than you can imagine. However, you can save the situation yourself and you won’t even Continue reading

Land a $100K+ job: Tips from Executive Resume Writer


Multiple web resources are totally flooded with various pieces of advice on resume writing. And while some of them make sense for a mid-level manager or sales specialist, the same advice applied for C-level manager will turn out a total disaster. Job searching process for senior executives has its peculiarities: the competition is fierce, number of openings is limited, and it’s pretty time-consuming: some specialists agree that landing a new job can take up to a year. It’s possible Continue reading