Pros and Cons of Infographic Resume Online


The Internet has changed the way we share and consume the information, and this affects all spheres of our life. Resume writing doesn’t lag behind as well. Only 15 years ago a resume presented a white sheet of paper with black letters on it and its format – as well as the expressions used – was quite traditional. Today, when the applicant is looking to write resume online, this can mean he is browsing fancy designs, online graphics solutions or even considers creating infographic resume.

The infographic resumes are booming, especially among the applicants in creative industries. Some experts state that infographic is the future of resumes, the other insists that you should apply with a traditional resume to get hired: So, is creating a visual resume a good idea? Let’s consider pros and cons before prepare resume online in form of the infographic.

Resume infographic pros:

  • Visual appeal

Infographic resumes are much more appealing than the traditional ones consisting of the text with bullets only. With the unusual placement of sections and variety of formats and colors used, they inevitably grab the reader’s attention.

  • Stand out from the crowd

For many hiring managers they look like something new, so they will definitely devote more time to reading your resume because of its bright format. Despite the fierce competition, you may be the only person who applied with this sort of resume and thus gain a lot of attention.

  • Easy to share

Infographics are widely shared online and this can help you facilitate your job search. You can post an infographic resume on your LinkedIn profile, share it in social media, or send potential employer the link to the posted infographic.

  • Well-structured information

While traditional resumes are often overloaded with lots of unnecessary details, infographic focuses on key information only, so the recruiter easily navigates and understands candidate’s key competencies.

  • Be in trend

When you create an infographic, you inform the potential employer that you keep up-to-date with the latest trend and demonstrate that you’re the person who is well aware of the new technology.

Already tempted to start finding resumes online? There’s another side of this trend. Now, let’s consider the downsides of creating resume infographic.

Resume infographic cons:

  • Maybe ATS-unfriendly
    Due to unusual format, the ATS may not recognize or reject the infographic resume. In other words, it may be rejected even before the hiring manager sees it.
  • Not suitable for all jobs
    With an infographic resume, you need to consider the industry and the company type. While creative industries are more open for non-standard applications, applying for corporate or government jobs with an infographic isn’t a good idea. In conservative industries when you need to follow the rules and regulations bursts of creativity when not expected can kill your chances.
  • Not all employers are open
    A personality of the hiring manager means a lot as well. If this person is young and is used to the variety of graphic content, such application will distinct you; otherwise, you may be rejected only because this isn’t a traditional application.
  • May be seen as non-professional
    For some, an infographic or video resume isn’t a sterling application so it won’t be treated professionally.

As you see, there are multiple aspects of resume infographic you should consider prior to submitting this sort of application. Our advice is: to strengthen your chances, use your infographic resume not as a major application document, but as an enclosure to a traditional resume. You can add the link to your infographic into a resume or simply email it to the employer. And if you still lack a proper classical resume, our resume wizard online will help you with crafting one. Contact us today for a brighter tomorrow!

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