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Guest Post Guidelines To Join Our Blog


Submit guest post to enhance your content strategyWe are planning to grow our website, and we invite you to become part of our content strategy. Contact us to learn more about our propositions! Guest posting opportunities open new perspectives for website promotion, and we are glad to offer our online platform for your articles.Please, follow our guest posting guidelines. These are not boring rules but experience-based recommendations leading to win-win cooperation.Our guest blogging rules ...Continue reading

It’s Easy to Make Resume Look Professional


The content is king in your resume. However, if you don’t bother to present it in a visually attractive, easy-to-read manner, odds are high that your excellent resume will be barely read. When you apply for a job, your resume faces a serious challenge: it has to pass 6 second test. Everyone is now aware that the recruiter spends 6 to 10 seconds on each resume when he sees it for the first time. During this time, it needs to evoke his interest, otherwise it will be trashed. Are there Continue reading

Excellent cover letter tips from resume maker professional


A lot has been told about how to create an effective resume, what to include in it, and which mistakes to avoid. However, most of the job openings don’t require a single resume – they also expect to receive a cover letter from you.  Writing a cover letter is tricky, and the situation is the same as with resumes. Most cover letters are overloaded with clichés and bring no new information for the reader, simply repeating the facts from resume. Our professional resume maker Continue reading

Tricks Not to Try If You Want Best Online Resume


Resume writers, career experts, and bloggers profusely share tips and advice on how to write a resume. They instruct on which keywords to choose, how to pick an appropriate format and what turns mediocre documents into the best online resumes. However, there are also things you shouldn’t do with your resume, and they are left out of focus. That’s why applicants continue doing those mistakes again and again. Let’s break this vicious circle, shall we? Below you’ll find Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Infographic Resume Online


The Internet has changed the way we share and consume the information, and this affects all spheres of our life. Resume writing doesn’t lag behind as well. Only 15 years ago a resume presented a white sheet of paper with black letters on it and its format – as well as the expressions used – was quite traditional. Today, when the applicant is looking to write resume online, this can mean he is browsing fancy designs, online graphics solutions or even considers creating ...Continue reading

7 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job: Online Resume Help


Sometimes the necessity to go to work on Monday seems truly frustrating. It often happens to anyone who works full-time. Maybe, you didn’t have enough time to sleep or personal problems are putting you down. However, behind the unwillingness to go to the office can hide chronic fatigue or professional burnout. If this kind of fatigue follows you everywhere, maybe it’s time to leave your job? Analyze your situation in the workplace and compare to the list below. If the below is Continue reading

Clean It Up: Signs You Need to Edit Resume Online


The process and methods of job search change dramatically year by year. And if you haven’t been involved in it for several years, you’ll inevitably find yourself outdated. Let’s take a resume: design, structure, and expressions which were pretty common five years ago don’t hold water today. Still, a resume remains the #1 application document and in need of a job you should start with it. So, you might need to revive it before you start applying for jobs. Hire an online Continue reading

Find a Job Faster: Tips from Resume Creator Online


Due to a fierce competition, job searching process will take more time and effort than you initially think. However, it’s no time to postpone. There are plenty of ways to accelerate the job search and find a suitable job position faster. Treat the job searching process as a job This may sound weird for some. Nevertheless, the application process should be taken as responsibly as you took your job responsibilities. Many applicants limit their job search to finding suitable openings and Continue reading

Common Problems You Face Creating an Online Resume


“There’s no second chance to make the first impression” is often considered to be the motto of the professional resume writing services. Indeed, if the recruiter dislikes something about your resume, he’ll put it away without giving you a chance. However, gaps between jobs or lack of experience don’t close doors for you: it’s all about putting the right angle when creating an online resume. There are 6 common problems job-seekers constantly face, and we will Continue reading

Create Your Resume Online: Impress with Work History


The Employment History (or Work Experience, Employment Experience, etc.) is the biggest and the most important section of your resume. Many applicants underestimate its significance and restrict themselves to simply listing their job titles and their functions on the job. So, it comes as no surprise when after doing that they wonder why they never hear back from the HR managers. Wondering how to create your own resume online and make Employment section in accordance with the rules of resume Continue reading