Unlock Global Career Opportunities with a Pro Resume Translation


The modern interconnected world offers people unprecedented chances for professional and personal development when working abroad. Nevertheless, landing an international job demands more than qualifications an applicant possesses. It requires a well-developed resume that successfully sheds light on a person’s experience, adaptability, and skills. Creating an efficient international resume may become your key to unlocking global career opportunities. To successfully translate your resume, ...Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Infographic Resume Online


The Internet has changed the way we share and consume the information, and this affects all spheres of our life. Resume writing doesn’t lag behind as well. Only 15 years ago a resume presented a white sheet of paper with black letters on it and its format – as well as the expressions used – was quite traditional. Today, when the applicant is looking to write resume online, this can mean he is browsing fancy designs, online graphics solutions or even considers creating ...Continue reading

Write Resume Online: Say “No” to Resume Templates


Struggling to get your resume done from scratch? Many job-seekers do; and to save their time and effort, most refer to ready-made solutions. Both resume builders and resume templates are incredibly popular these days – and overuse of both will negatively affect your job search, most career experts agree. Introducing today’s heroes Resume templates are usually blanks which you can fill in section by section. The internet is full of MS Word and Google Docs templates said developed by Continue reading

Can a Resume From Cheap Resume Writing Service Pass ATS?


Previously, we have talked that the quality of resume bought from the online company doesn’t has to depend on the price directly. Obviously, on having heard that, many people will prefer to stay on cheap resume writing services and save money. However, there’s another challenge for job seekers called ATS. When you send your resume in response to a job opening, it’s being scanned by applicant tracking machine (ATS) to compare your qualifications versus job description. And ...Continue reading

7 Steps to Job Search Success from Top Resume Services


Searching for a job is involving and lengthy process. You literally have to reconsider all your experience and achievements, skills and personal traits to make sure your application is a success. However, utilizing a developed strategy and making proactive moves will help you to land the job. Let’s consider a job search like an investment of your time and efforts: the more responsible you treat the process, the higher are the odds that you’ll land a “dream job” faster. Continue reading