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Go Government: 7 Tips from Federal Resume Writer


Up until this moment, we’ve considered approaches, techniques, and secrets of resume writing for civilian jobs only. However, the process of applying for government positions as well as the rules of the game is slightly different. Today, we’re going to reveal the secrets of an effective federal resume. 3 ways to format your resume Any professional federal resume writer starts his work with determining the most efficient resume structure, or format, for your professional duties. Continue reading

Hire Resume Writer to Avoid Cover Letter Mistakes


Cover letters often tend to be seen as a pure formality. Thus, most job-seekers don’t pay much attention to composing them and often rely on templates they’ve found on the internet or reiterate what they have already written in their resume. Needless to say that using both approaches makes the recruiter toss your application away.  In the meantime, only a few understand that composing an out-of-box, creative and unique cover letter is an effective way to intrigue the recruiter. Continue reading

Write Resume Online: Say “No” to Resume Templates


Struggling to get your resume done from scratch? Many job-seekers do; and to save their time and effort, most refer to ready-made solutions. Both resume builders and resume templates are incredibly popular these days – and overuse of both will negatively affect your job search, most career experts agree. Introducing today’s heroes Resume templates are usually blanks which you can fill in section by section. The internet is full of MS Word and Google Docs templates said developed by Continue reading

Write a Resume: Tips to Help You Stand Out


Want to write a competitive, extraordinary resume which will market you and generate as many interview calls as possible? It’s time-consuming and takes much effort, but it’s possible. Today, we will share tips and principles used by professional resume writers when composing your career documents. What is the key point to remember when you write a resume? It’s more about promotion than about writing itself. The purpose of a resume is not to document what you have done, how Continue reading

Resume Writing vs. Resume Rewrite: What is Right for You?


By paying a writing service expert to write your resume, you can free yourself from hours spent in front of your PC and inevitable frustration. However, the outcome also depends on the type of service you choose. Ran out of ideas trying to compose your resume? Understanding your needs will take you far when you hire a writer – and save you a decent amount of money as you won’t pay for services which are useless for you personally. Typically, there are two types of resume Continue reading

Hire the Best Resume Writers: A Short Guide


Internet presence has made a deep impact on the resume writing/career coaching industry. On the one hand, it has enabled the great writers to find more clientele and contend their professionalism globally. On the contrary, it opened doors for the low-quality service providers. How to tell a professional, highly accomplished resume writer from a freelancer positioning him/herself as a ‘resume expert’? The conventional way most people go is searching “10 best resume Continue reading

Truth about C-level Job Search from Executive Resume Writer


During the job search process, an executive faces different challenges than an average job seeker does. Applying general advice for $100K+ jobs can turn out a total disaster. Job search realities for senior executives are totally different; moreover, they are constantly changing in terms of turbulent environment. Any professional resume service executive knows the peculiarities of landing a top-level job and problems which top managers typically have to resolve to facilitate the application Continue reading

LinkedIn Writing: LinkedIn and Resume Writer Services


Take a chance to make killer first impression digitally – update and complete your LinkedIn profile. This is a perfect place to market your professional skills, expand business connection and find out about exciting opportunities. However, it’s even more important when you’re searching for employment – with a strong online presence, it’s easier to gain an interview invitation, as professional network automatically boosts credibility. What is more, it’s a Continue reading

Get Hired for C-Level Job: Tips from Executive Resume Writer


When it comes to applying for $100K+ jobs, individual approach and result-driven strategies are the musts. Today’s market offers multiple tools for job search – some of them are crucial for obtaining your wanted position, some are not necessary, and some make completely no sense. Many executive resume writers confuse their client with “all-included” packages containing lots of witty services and “free” extras you will not actually use during your job search. Continue reading

Why You Need a Certified Resume Writer


If you spent enough time researching resume writers and services, you might have stumbled upon various resume writers’ certifications and associations. What are the benefits of hiring a certified professional resume writer for crafting your resume? How can the right writer or career coach influence your career? Why certified writer? Although it’s not required legally for a resume writer to be certified, most writers prefer to obtain a certification with one of the most reputable Continue reading