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Your Ultimate Guide Through Resume Services


The fierce competition between resume companies was supposed to displace the low-quality and dishonest services. However, among the businesses operating digitally, it became even harder to find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re going to assist you in finding the right professional resume writing services.

The truth is neither the price nor the years of experience of the writer serve as a criterion that your resume will be a success. Our writers deal with clients who had poorly written, low quality resumes – and some of them were produced by existing resume companies.

What to look for choosing a resume company?

Basically, there are three groups of factors worth considering while picking a professional resume service. These are:

  • Qualifications
  • Guarantees
  • Testimonials.

Below we’ll look at these groups in deeper detail.

Why price isn’t of much importance?

The charges of various resume services differ dramatically: you can find a resume worth $70 and $1100. However, even a $500 may turn out to be useless for you – so check the other factors and don’t make decision based on the price solely as you risk losing your investment.

Seek for qualifications

  • Check if the writers are certified by any of the resume writers’ association (CPRW, CERW, NCRW etc.). Ask about their background. If the writer or company’s support representative refuses to provide you with a clear answer, better look elsewhere.
  • There are multiple professional resume services’ types: ones owned by a single writer and resume factories. However, never consider a general writing agency – even if they have resume options. What you need is a resume professional and a career coach, not a content writer who can compose some sort of resume for you for $100. Seek among the companies focused on resume and career services only.
  • Get a free resume critique. Most reputable companies offer either phone consultation or review of your resume free of charge.

Also, you can read additional information about our writers:

Claim for guarantees

Frankly speaking, guarantees ensure that if you don’t get the product you want, you will receive a full or partial compensation. The company where you are going to place an order should offer at least one (more is better) of the below options:

  • Full refund if the product does not satisfy you. This is the perfect option as you won’t have to pay for a resume you cannot use. However, this guarantee is rare as the writer has already invested his time and effort in composing your document.
  • Refund in case of non-delivery. Everything sounds fair: you either get the package you paid for on time or money back. Thus, you protect yourself against fraudulent firms.
  • Rewrite or revisions free of charge. First draft is rarely a perfect resume, so find out whether the writer is ready to make further amendments according to your wishes.

Spread the word

Testimonials or feedback from other buyers is often an only surefire way to know what to expect. First of all, consult your friends and colleagues and ask if they can recommend a resume professional. Monitor the web for professional resume writing service reviews to ensure the reliability of the service you consider ordering from and check testimonials. This will provide you with more detailed picture of the service’s performance and quality.

Our resume services protect your money and your interests during the entire process of writing. We gladly provide 100% money back guarantee and give you direct contact with your resume writer to let you control the process. We will be glad to assist you with finding a new employment.

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