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Write a Resume: Tips to Help You Stand Out


Want to write a competitive, extraordinary resume which will market you and generate as many interview calls as possible? It’s time-consuming and takes much effort, but it’s possible. Today, we will share tips and principles used by professional resume writers when composing your career documents.

What is the key point to remember when you write a resume? It’s more about promotion than about writing itself. The purpose of a resume is not to document what you have done, how well you did it and what was the set of actions you were asked to perform. An effective resume is highly promotional as it advertises your key strengths.

Why do you need a resume?

The answer seems obvious – to apply and land a new job. However, there are a few more ways successful people use resumes – we will talk about it in one of the upcoming entries. Now, let’s go from the fact that you need a new job. Here are really helpful approaches to implement:

Promote yourself

Lots of people have heard that a resume is “your key marketing tool”, but little understand what is behind these words. I will explain: don’t be shy and demonstrate that you have all the skills needed for the taken position and that you will benefit your employer financially. Add figures, recommendations, describe the impact you managed to make. Even if you worked as a sales rep, you can (and should!) demonstrate you’ve made the difference by serving clients and established friendly relationships which resulted in bigger purchases.

On the other hand, not every job seeker can recognize the potential behind their daily routine. That’s what professional writers do when they rewrite your resume:

A resume should be proactive

In other words – focus on the future, not the past. It’s great that you have led training programs which resulted in 10% reduction of time spent on a specific operation, but is this kind of achievement your potential employer is looking for? If yes – then put it in the most visible place of your resume. No – remove it or list as one of your achievements.

Let’s make it clear: a recruiter isn’t looking for YOU. He’s looking for a specialist to solve the problem in HIS business. Show that you know the solution – you’re in the game.

Be very selective

You don’t have to demonstrate all the experience you had had during you’ve entered the workforce, including the position of a waiter while you were obtaining your Bachelor’s. If the position is about product management – remove the information which is totally irrelevant. Your previous positions should also demonstrate that you’re good for a job.

Accomplishments instead of responsibilities

Employers are sick and tired of the overuse of “managed’ and ‘responsible for’ in almost every resume. “Managed sales team” So what? “Supervised a team of 8 sales representatives and exceeded sales plan by 15%” – well, this is much better.

This rule is especially helpful for applicants with long career history. Nobody is going to read all your job duties in eight companies since 2005. Mention them briefly, and switch the focus on to your achievements. This will generate your resume more attention.

Resume writing process is freaking you out? Well, you can contact us and ask, “Write me a resume!” We will provide you with a job search package of your choice in a matter of days!

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