Resume Writing vs. Resume Rewrite: What is Right for You?


By paying a writing service expert to write your resume, you can free yourself from hours spent in front of your PC and inevitable frustration. However, the outcome also depends on the type of service you choose.

Ran out of ideas trying to compose your resume? Understanding your needs will take you far when you hire a writer – and save you a decent amount of money as you won’t pay for services which are useless for you personally. Typically, there are two types of resume services offered by the majority of writers:

To ensure yourself with a positive experience and have your expectations met, reconsider your career goals. Whatever is said, you don’t always need a brand new resume each time you search for a new job. In some cases, rewrite resume is more than enough.

You need a professional resume rewrite if:

  • You have a stable career and the desired position will continue your line of work. No career change, no ambition to apply for a higher level position so far. If it has been just 2-3 years since you updated your resume, no need to write it from scratch – a few minor updates will do.  
  • Your current resume landed you a job and it’s really well-written. If a resume advertises you well and clearly, represents the benefits you can bring the organization, why would you change it?
  • You are sick with design or feel the structure isn’t appropriate. The resume rewriting services usually include implying an effective, attractively-looking layout and design. The writer will reorganize the structure too if it’s outdated or ineffective in terms of attracting reader’s attention.
  • You’re an ESL candidate or grammar isn’t your strong point. It’s been told multiple times that a resume should be flawless in terms of language and grammar, so if you feel there might be mistakes in your resume, order a resume editing for a final proofread.

Choose writing services if:

  • You’re in the middle of the career change. As it’s seen from the experience, an average job seeker cannot adopt his old resume for a totally different line of work and understand which his major strengths will be.
  • You re-enter the workforce. Employment gaps should be explained, as well as the resume should demonstrate that you keep your skills up-to-date. Nobody will do it better than a career professional.
  • You’re military looking for a civilian job. To adapt your military experience for civilian positions, you need to have your resume written under the different angle.
  • You don’t have a resume at all or your current resume is of a poor quality. Maybe, you’ve been working on your current role for over 7 years and it’s totally outdated. Maybe, sending your last resume was just a formality so you didn’t bother much about its quality. Or maybe you realize that it simply lists your job responsibilities and when you compare it to online samples, it’s a total mess.

If you realize that your resume doesn’t demonstrate confidence, achievements, and professionalism – it’s time to order rewriting of your resume. Our experts can either rewrite or write your package from scratch at an affordable fee. Check our Prices and services for more information.


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