Ready, Steady… Interview! 8 Tips from Resume Writers


So…you’ve been called and invited for an interview to the company office. Maybe, it was your resume from cheap resume writers that worked, or your killer profile has been found on LinkedIn. Now your task is to make the final breakthrough and get that job.

However, if you search for interview tips online, you’ll probably come across the same old typical advice you already know. Like, find out the company history, dress neatly to impress, keep a straight posture and don’t throw mud at your boss.

The tips you’ll see below are different. However, having used them in your interview preparation (and during the interviewing process itself), you’ll significantly increase your chances for successful employment:

  • Research company reports and blog

If you are one of those, who take the interviewing process seriously, you probably have found out brief company history and main products. However, why not go deeper into detail and operate figures and insider information during the conversation? The interviewer will be impressed.

  • Clean up your social media

Over 90% employers scan social profiles of applicants, as reported by 76% of them will screen your Facebook page. So, even before you get an interview invitation, clean up all inappropriate information from your profile. That includes drinking or drug-related content, offensive comments, and pictures which are better to keep private.

  • Schedule the right interview time

If the company is hiring immediately, it goes without saying that you should take the first available slot. However, if they are not in a hurry, pick the time from Tuesday to Thursday, late in the morning. Why? On Monday, your interviewer will try to concentrate and plan the next week, on Friday he will summarize the week’s outcome and get ready for days off. For the same reason, avoid the time right before and after the lunchtime.

  • Don’t arrive too early

Everybody knows that being late for an interview is unacceptable. However, don’t go to extremes and don’t enter the company office earlier than 10 minutes before the interview. The interviewer may feel obliged to put aside his business and greet you, and this fact will irritate you. Arrived half an hour before? The resume writers recommend having a cup of coffee in a nearby café.

  • Play an interview with your friend

You should play an interviewer. Try walking in his shoes and practice asking various types of questions, guessing what’s on your friend’s mind. Then switch roles. This technique is helpful in two ways: first of all, it reduces your anxiety and makes you more confident in the process. Secondly, it gives you a hint of how the interviewer’s mind works and helps focus on his needs.

  • Write a strong story statement

It’s predictable that the interviewer will ask you “Tell me a few words about yourself”. But heaven forbids you to tell something like: “I studied, and then I worked for the company X and want to continue my career with you”. Such a cookie-cutter answer won’t make you closer to the job. The hiring manager wants to see your personality, so make this statement personal and align your passions and early years with the line of job you’re applying for.

  • Answer about your weaknesses wisely

One of the typical interview questions is “Tell me about your weaknesses.” Still, most of the interviewees fail to answer it right. Actually, this question is not about admitting your weak points, but about how you worked to overcome them. So, name your weakness but then add how you managed to cope with it and fulfill the task efficiently – that’s what they want to hear.

Thorough preparation for an interview is a king, as even the experienced resume writers won’t get you a job unless you take efforts to get it. However, if you need a head start on your job search, contact local resume writers. Our specialists will be glad to assist you with crafting a working resume highlighting your major strengths and increasing your chances for an interview.

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