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Making Resume Online: How to Send Resume by E-mail


The way you have applied for a job via e-mail can tell the prospective employer a lot about you even before he/she takes a glance at your resume. Your ability to follow the instruction, your email etiquette, and professionalism – here are just a few things you can demonstrate with a single email.

So, how to email your resume effectively to make sure it’s read and to endear the manager? See our hints below.

The golden rule of the e-mail application

Read carefully what the employer expects to receive via email. Surprising how many people neglect this simple rule. Do they ask for a resume only or a resume and motivational letter? Do they need your portfolio or ask to reply with the desired compensation? Send everything they need in a format they request.


It’s tempting to send a resume and cover letter as soon as you’ve finished making a resume online. Not so fast, though: attachments matter.

  • Name your file as “Name Surname_resume”. This will save the recruiter’s time and make it easy to navigate in the pile with hundreds of files.
  • Attach.doc or .pdf files unless the employer request to apply using a different format.

The subject line

An e-mail starts with the subject line, so make sure it reflects the content of the letter properly. Such subjects as:

Application for Marketing Director Position

Editor-in-Chief: Your Name

Job Code XXX: Bank Teller: Your Name

are good examples. Putting something like “Job application” is too weak.

Copy and Paste

If you are asked to send a resume in the email body, check if the formatting saves. Try sending the letter to yourself to check if everything displayed correctly and only then send it to a recruiter.

Email Message

Include a short message if you send the application documents as attachments. In 3-4 sentences, express your interest and desire to work with the company. Don’t turn your email into a cover letter, though: make sure it’s short and up to the point.

Add a signature with your contact information to make it easy for a recruiter to contact you.

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