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Hire Resume Writer to Avoid Cover Letter Mistakes


Cover letters often tend to be seen as a pure formality. Thus, most job-seekers don’t pay much attention to composing them and often rely on templates they’ve found on the internet or reiterate what they have already written in their resume. Needless to say that using both approaches makes the recruiter toss your application away. 

In the meantime, only a few understand that composing an out-of-box, creative and unique cover letter is an effective way to intrigue the recruiter. Take your time to compose an outstanding cover letter – or hire a resume writer to get it written for you.

Critical Cover Letter Mistakes

  • Starting with ‘To whom it may concern’

Not only this is outdated, but also demonstrates you didn’t bother to look up for hiring manager’s name. As follows, it demonstrates you’re not that interested in a position. If for some reason you didn’t manage to find a hiring manager’s name, use a subject line instead.

  • Repeating your resume in paragraphs

A cover letter reiterating qualifications and achievements from the resume brings absolutely no value. It’s about getting more personal and answering the question a hiring manager might have when reading your resume (employment gaps, career change, etc.): Of course, you should mention your major strengths – but not repeat all over again.

  • Making it over 1 page

Being too detailed is a failing tactic – nobody is going to read lengthy stories. Moreover, cover letters which very long demonstrate that you are unable to accentuate the main ideas and deliver them to the reader concisely. Ideally, a cover letter should be 3-4 paragraphs and take less than 1 page.

  •  Focusing on yourself, not on the company needs

The first and foremost question a hiring manager asks is ‘What can you do for the company?’ So, it’s better to show measurable achievements to let him know the result you can bring rather than tell about your ambitions to build a career with the company.

  • Sending the same cover letter to all job openings

Having a cover letter or resume template is acceptable but be careful and make sure it’s customized for every job you apply for. Otherwise, you’ll leave an impression that you apply for any job which is always seen negatively by employers. Try demonstrating your qualifications and their needs for every specific company to succeed.

  • Overuse of clichés

A typical cover letter is a treasure box of clichés. “Please find my resume enclosed”, “Available for an interview at your earliest convenience”, etc. Such phrases make absolutely no sense and take the precious space. Yes, they will find your resume and yes, they’ll invite you for an interview – if you catch their attention by non-standard cover letter.

  • Neglecting the proper proofreading

A hiring manager will think that you either aren’t much interested as you didn’t bother to proofread or lack writing skills which are necessary for any profession. In any case, this automatically spoils the impression about you. So, proofread your resume and cover letter yourself and give someone else to proofread it for you before you send them.

Not sure that you got what it takes to compose a compelling cover letter which would reflect your unique offer? Then, it’s a good idea to hire an expert resume writer. A writing professional will come up with a cover letter an employer will enjoy reading. Our services include cover letter help; contact us today to find out how we can help with your cover letter.

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