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Guest Post Guidelines To Join Our Blog


Submit guest post to enhance your content strategy

We are planning to grow our website, and we invite you to become part of our content strategy. Contact us to learn more about our propositions! Guest posting opportunities open new perspectives for website promotion, and we are glad to offer our online platform for your articles.

Please, follow our guest posting guidelines. These are not boring rules but experience-based recommendations leading to win-win cooperation.

Our guest blogging rules

We are interested in mutually beneficial and effective collaboration. Write for us a post and use the benefits of our popular online portal. Our blog is devoted to career development and related topics, and good content contributors are always welcome. Since we are a serious website with a wide readership, we expect to see a meaningful article corresponding to particular standards.

1. It all starts with uniqueness

The first thing all our bloggers have to follow is unique content. We do not accept guest posts that duplicate someone’s texts or ideas. It is our belief that intellectual property must be respected. The other reason why we check the uniqueness of articles is about Google’s search algorithms. We know for sure that copied content results in a low ranking and even penalties.

2. We accept guest posts that are valuable to our readers

Our users are used to reading meaningful content giving informative answers to their issues. It deals with engaging stories connected with a job search or career, news in the sphere of different professions, helpful tips on developing skills, etc. You can experiment with various formats, yet first, talk them over with our managers. Send us your message to start the discussion.

3. Please, make your text readable

Our guest posting implies logical and cohesive texts. Do not overload your sentences with a big number of words, write short and to the point, and avoid a chaotic flow of thoughts. We recommend using lists, headings, subheadings, paragraphs. Clear explanations and reasonable suggestions are appreciated.

4. Check your grammar

Wrong words and punctuation marks can lead to misconceptions and funny situations. Let alone a bad overall impression.

Please, reread your article before guest post submission. It must be written without stylistic and grammar mistakes. Do not rely fully on grammar check software — revise the text to catch errors.

5. A well-thought-out structure and sufficient text volume

Our popular posts are about one thousand words; still, one can discuss other volumes too. The main thing is to adhere to the logical structure and to cover all the necessary issues of the topic. Unfinished sentences look weird, and a lack of facts results in an unconvincing article.

6. We are tolerant, yet we are guided by certain rules of netiquette

Our blog is open to new ideas and views. Meanwhile, some topics are not allowed to promote. It deals with violence, aggression, preaching hatred, rudeness, spam, advertising of illegal goods, and demonstration of offensive content. These rules are dictated by ethics and generally accepted standards of the online world.

Do not miss our guest post opportunities. Our editorial policy is short and simple: we do not require something special. Meantime, your website benefits significantly from our cooperation!

Guest post: write for us and contribute to your popularity

Guest blogging is effective for small businesses and big companies. Its sense lies in attracting new customers, subscribers, visitors, etc. Here is how it works.

A backlink from our reputable site increases traffic to your webpage.

Your post published on our website is noticed by our readership. They constitute new potential visitors, subscribers, and customers for your business.

Your reputation grows, as people see your publications on our popular site.

Guest posting is a mild method of advertising. Unlike bright banners or irritating emails, it is not so annoying. It is because the helpful or engaging content creates a positive image of your brand.

It is not complicated to become one of our guest bloggers. Just take our guidelines seriously and send us valuable content.

How to become our guest blogger

Our editorial policy is friendly even to newbies in blogging. There is nothing extremely challenging in our guidelines, and the process of cooperation is simple and transparent.

1. Please, fill in the Contact Form

Our managers will get your contact information and reach you as soon as possible. Do not forget to write your personal data, the topic of your future guest post (if you have already come up with it), and questions you would like to ask.

2. Read our guest post guidelines

Our managers send detailed information on how to write a guest post for us. Please, follow all the points and discuss the nuances if something is unclear to you.

3. Send us your blog post

Our guidelines are not very strict, and even aspiring blog writers can meet them. Compose the text and add images if necessary. You can place one link to your webpage. (Put it in the author bio or any other paragraph).

4. We publish your post and you pay for the link

We offer really good terms of cooperation and safe online transactions via PayPal. Our assistants send you a link to the published article on our website. Check it and make payment.

The outcomes are always fruitful when both parties respect agreements. We promise trustworthy cooperation — send us your request.  

Risk-free cooperation for our guest bloggers

Your decision to submit guest posts on our portal is forward-looking in terms of effectiveness for your blog promotion. But reliability is no less important. Our guarantees prove the seriousness of our approach to content marketing, and guest posting, in particular.

A dofollow link brings the reader to your webpage.

We ensure that the page with your guest post is indexed by Google.

Safe and secure payments are made via PayPal.

✓ We do not use your article to insert some of our additional links.

Our published blog posts are available for placing your links (in case you do not want to write a new one).

Tips on how to come up with an awesome guest post

If it is your first experience as a writer for guest posting, our additional recommendations can come in handy.

✓ Offer several topics or ask about preferred themes

If you do not know where to start, ask our managers about possible titles for your future articles. You can also write a list of variants, and we will help you to choose the most suitable one.

✓ Write for the target audience

Our readers are people searching for assistance with career issues. They value our website for helpful and captivating content. “How to” articles are highly appreciated.

✓ Do not use too much advertising

Focus on useful content rather than direct advertising. You can mention your webpage, but do not turn the article into the presentation of your product.

We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation. If you have questions, please, ask them via our Contact Form. Having united the capacity of our blog and your articles we can reach awesome accomplishments. You promote your business and we diversify our blog content.  Sounds like good teamwork — let’s get it started!

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