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Excellent cover letter tips from resume maker professional


A lot has been told about how to create an effective resume, what to include in it, and which mistakes to avoid. However, most of the job openings don’t require a single resume – they also expect to receive a cover letter from you. 

Writing a cover letter is tricky, and the situation is the same as with resumes. Most cover letters are overloaded with clichés and bring no new information for the reader, simply repeating the facts from resume. Our professional resume maker will inform you how not to make your cover letter one of these, and how to transform a cookie-cutter piece of writing into a focused and concise application document.

#1. Watch the length

Nobody likes lengthy cover letters. 3-4 paragraphs excluding the address lines will be more than enough. Hiring managers value their time; as follows, they value those who can be clear, concise, and up to the point. Irritating the recruiters with details about your education and private life isn’t the best tactics.

#2. Skip the cliché introductory and closing paragraph

“My name is ____ and I would like to apply as ___” – this is how the majority of cover letters begin. Long introductions take the precious space and the recruiters usually skip them. The same rule applies for closing paragraph. Close by quickly explaining how you’ll be a great fit and call for action by giving contact information.

#3. Address the hiring manager by name

This information is easy to research via Google or LinkedIn: Firstly, it will demonstrate your professionalism and respect. Secondly, you will stand out from the midst of candidates who didn’t bother to do so.

#4. Demonstrate your personal interest in the company

The recruiters have had enough of pathetic cover letters where the applicants list their skills and abilities. They want to read what makes you particularly interested in the company. Tell that you have specific reasons to work for them, and explain how those reasons will motivate you.

#5. Tell what you can do for the company

Instead of listing your capabilities over and over again, try a way more effective approach. Research and determine company goals, explore what the company demands from this position and demonstrate that you’ve got what it takes to cope with these challenges. Avoid being generic; offer yourself as a solution of particular problem, and this will inevitably draw the recruiter’s attention and evoke the desire to meet you in person.

#6. Share a personal story

Listing your accomplishments with figures is good; however, to make a successful cover letter, you need to get more personal. So, demonstrate how and why you are personally attached to the company, its products or services. Tell how the product made a difference in your life or how you were connected to the company in the past. Such stories – provided that they are true – usually make a deep impact.

#7. Highlight the right experience

Many applicants do this mistake of highlighting what they consider their biggest achievement or advantage instead of what the company is actually looking for. Re-read the ad to investigate what the company expects to see and show it to them.

#8. Avoid repetition of your resume

This is the worst you can do about your cover letter. The recruiter has already read about your experience and skills in your resume, why repeat it again? Above, you’ve seen a lot of ideas what to write about. So, avoid repeating a resume – the only thing that you can (and should) repeat are achievements with figures that speak for themselves.

#9. Be yourself

If you feel that you can add some creativity to the cover letter – do it. Just don’t cross the line where this creativity becomes awkward. And if you feel that the efforts to rewrite your worthless cover letter don’t take you anywhere, consider contacting a resume maker professional. Our career experts will do their best to create your application documents according to demands of the market. Contact us today for a free resume review.

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