Clean It Up: Signs You Need to Edit Resume Online


The process and methods of job search change dramatically year by year. And if you haven’t been involved in it for several years, you’ll inevitably find yourself outdated. Let’s take a resume: design, structure, and expressions which were pretty common five years ago don’t hold water today.

Still, a resume remains the #1 application document and in need of a job you should start with it. So, you might need to revive it before you start applying for jobs. Hire an online resume editor or edit your resume yourself. Here are a few signs that your resume deserves proper editing:

You’ve applied for dozens of jobs recently, but got little or no response

It’s ok when you don’t hear back in response to every job you applied for. However, if you only got 1-2 responses after you’ve applied for over 50 job postings your resume and cover letter are probably to blame. Stop closing doors for yourself due to the poorly written application and edit – or totally rewrite the documents you apply with.

Your resume exceeds two pages

It’s not recommended – even for C-level job-seekers – to have a resume that is over 2 pages in length. So, if you fail to edit it properly and submit a lengthy document, the recruiter will probably see you as someone who cannot prioritize the information, doesn’t know which information is relevant and what could be left out. Moreover, you demonstrate disrespect to their time. Is it the kind of the first impression you would like to make?

You include all work experience you had

This point correlates with the previous one. The hiring manager doesn’t want to see all your experience; he expects to evaluate the relevant one. If you apply as a Marketing manager, there’s no need to include your experience as a waiter or a bank teller, especially if it makes your resume longer than standard 1-2 pages.

Your job duties are written without the use of action verbs

Your previous jobs may have a short description and may not. However, it’s common that your job duties started with action verbs like “Managed a team…”, “Implemented the system…”, “Spearheaded the costs…” etc. Having something like “Writing reports for management” as well as the text overloaded with “responsible for” can easily result in a rejection. If you don’t know how to write an Employment section effectively, follow the link and read our guide.

You don’t use the right keywords

Now over 90% of employers use ATS. Applicant tracking system is used to filter and rate applicants based on their resumes and thus simplify the tough hiring process. However, to be considered qualified by an ATS, you will need to use specific keywords. Without those keywords your resume will be tossed away before a real person sees it, so your chances will be equal zero. Shall I mention that each job posting assumes the use of different keywords, so the resume should be customized? This post will help you find the answer:

You feel that the resume doesn’t fully reflect how good you are at a job

If you’re a great employee with multiple achievements and a unique professional and your resume doesn’t reflect that, then there’s no point in using it. Rewrite your resume right now – or hire a professional if you struggle to do that on your own. Every employer is interested in an employee who gets results, and if you are one of those – it’s your resume that should clearly reflect that before they want to meet you in person.

Our skilled resume writers provide urgent edit resume online. In as little as 24 hours, you can get a polished, well-formatted and significantly improved version of your old resume. You’ll be able to apply for jobs with it at once! Order your resume now and feel the difference.

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