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Clean It Up: Signs You Need to Edit Resume Online


The process and methods of job search change dramatically year by year. And if you haven’t been involved in it for several years, you’ll inevitably find yourself outdated. Let’s take a resume: design, structure, and expressions which were pretty common five years ago don’t hold water today. Still, a resume remains the #1 application document and in need of a job you should start with it. So, you might need to revive it before you start applying for jobs. Hire an online Continue reading

9 Tips for Flawless Resume Proofreading


In any type of formal writing, proofreading is the key to making a positive impression. It’s twice as important for resume writing: you are being judged by the cover, i.e. your resume and cover letter, and the occasional mistake will turn the employer down. Why? Recruiters often see the candidate’s writing as the reflection of his/her approach to his/her professional responsibilities. For instance, a successful accountant needs an extreme attention to detail. Now, let’s Continue reading

A Killer Resume: 10 Tips for Resume Editing


Creating memorable yet effective resume is incredibly tough. You need to submit a document which would be good for both software and people reading it. There are only two resume types: the flawless and the bad one. Why? Depending on the goals and preferences of the employer, one minor mistake can automatically disqualify you as a candidate. In this regards, a poorly written resume works against you more than you can imagine. However, you can save the situation yourself and you won’t even Continue reading