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A Killer Resume: 10 Tips for Resume Editing


Creating memorable yet effective resume is incredibly tough. You need to submit a document which would be good for both software and people reading it.

There are only two resume types: the flawless and the bad one. Why? Depending on the goals and preferences of the employer, one minor mistake can automatically disqualify you as a candidate. In this regards, a poorly written resume works against you more than you can imagine.

However, you can save the situation yourself and you won’t even need a brand new resume for that – good resume editing will be enough. The top recruiters and resume writers totally agree on the major mistakes that keep you from being interviewed. You can correct those mistakes yourself, even without the help of resume editing services. Just study Do’s & Don’ts below and see if your resume matches.

Awesome resume Do’s

  1. Traditional fonts and MS Word/PDF format
    Your task is to create a resume which would be easily readable on multiple devices, so use the most widespread formats and fonts.
  2. Power of keywords
    When you edit resume, this is the thing to start with. Your resume will run through special software before it gets to the HR, so make sure it’s keyword enriched enough to pass the selection. How? Read the job opening carefully and add the qualifications they’re looking for in a resume.
  3. Use a title
    The first impression about you will be made in as little as 5-10 seconds. Using a catchy title, you introduce yourself to an employer and make it easier for him to understand your unique offer.
  4. Key qualifications go first
    At first glance, the employer is unlikely to read the entire resume. So, ensure your resume more attention by summarizing your key qualifications, achievement and/or skills at the top of the document where they’re easy to find.

Here are some tips to write winning resume:

Awesome resume Don’ts

  1. Married with children
    Not only your marital status (as well as religion and political affiliations) is not interesting for an employer, it can be a base for discrimination. So, simply leave this information out.
  2. References available upon request/Available for interview
    Those are archaisms showing that the applicant is too old-fashioned. Remove them first of all during your resume edit.
  3. Photos
    If you don’t want to be judged based on your appearance, don’t include your photo. Moreover, many companies automatically decline resumes with photos to avoid claims of discrimination.
  4. To obtain the position of…
    Objectives are totally out of date. Moreover, they focus on what YOU want to get, and this is of no interest to an employer looking for someone to fit his needs.
  5. Too old experience
    For applicants with a very long career history, it’s a wise idea to reflect only past 10-15 years of their experience. If the earlier experience is important, you can leave the name of company and position without giving a detailed description.
  6. Typos, errors, grammar mistakes and the first person
    Eliminate personal pronouns and articles. Give a written copy of the resume to 2-3 different people to proofread it – you may have omitted some sort of mistake or typo.

These are the basics of what you can use on your resume right now to make it more effective, appealing to an employer and up-to-date. However, there are still lots of peculiarities of editing process which will be different depending on your field, career level, etc.

Our resume editing service knows how to craft a resume the employers will love. Applying the recent trends in resume writing, psychological researches and our knowledge of industry-specific job search, we make sure each resume is flawless. You can order editing services today and tomorrow you won’t recognize your old resume!

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