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7 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job: Online Resume Help


Sometimes the necessity to go to work on Monday seems truly frustrating. It often happens to anyone who works full-time. Maybe, you didn’t have enough time to sleep or personal problems are putting you down. However, behind the unwillingness to go to the office can hide chronic fatigue or professional burnout. If this kind of fatigue follows you everywhere, maybe it’s time to leave your job?

Analyze your situation in the workplace and compare to the list below. If the below is about you, it’s time to refer to resume help online for a brand new resume and start looking for a job you'll love.

  • You’re stuck in the same position

If you want to move your career forward, you should be advanced or promoted at least every 2-3 years. So, if you end up finding yourself doing the same things you did yesterday, and the manager is not going to promote you, it’s time to move on. You definitely don’t want to look back a couple years later and realize you’ve wasted 5 years on a dead-end job.

  • You don’t learn

Feel that you are doing the same mundane tasks instead of mastering new skills and taking on new responsibilities? Then, your current position doesn’t give you any room for growth. You need to be initiative and ask for more challenging tasks or projects, take extra training and attend meetings and conferences. If the company does not provide opportunities of this kind, it means that they are not interested in your professional growth and career development.

  • Your boss doesn’t evoke respect

If your manager lack competence and you understand that, it will be hard for you to rely on decisions of this kind of supervisor. However, the problem with the boss can have another aspect. If he/she doesn’t provide a proper feedback on how well you did, or this feedback is so generic that it’s hard for you to use it as a manual, it will close the doors to professional growth for you.

  • You’re concerned about the stability of your company

If there’s no financial stability or the company goes through regular re-structuring, this should become an alarming trend for you. Maybe, the shaky times will end soon and the company will become even stronger than before, but the opposite is more likely. Companies often sack employees when they have unstable times, so it’s better to start searching for a new job in advance:

  • Your job provokes serious health issues

Working extra hours or continuous stress can result in insomnia, depression, headaches, anxiety attacks and many more. So, if you notice unusual changes in your body, that’s a serious cause to change a job. No money is worth sacrificing your health.

  • You don’t have time for yourself

Are you one of those, who return home late at night to actually have dinner and sleep? Is your private life suffering and don’t you have time for your family, friends, and spouse? Then, find a good job that will let you maintain a work-life balance. What’s the reason to spend the entire day trying to make a living if you don’t have time to actually live?

  • You suffer a professional burnout

Be very cautious with this point. Maybe, you feel stressed because of overwork and all you need is a good sleep and more time out. However, if day by day and week by week you find it harder to get up in the morning and completely lose interest in what you are doing – consider going for a long vacation or leaving your job at all. Being dull and uninterested, you’ll never succeed professionally.

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